Cool gadget for artists

Cool gadget for artists

I personally have never found tablets fitting my daily needs. But, with this HUAWEI MatePad Pro 11-inch's big screen, light & compact body, multitasking & stylus capability, I can easily see this as an invaluable tool for artists and investors.

Tablets are a middle ground between a notebook and a phone. Most of them can do what a phone can do but with a larger screen makes it better for intense content consumption & multitasking, but many times, they are bogged down by the OS that comes with them, limiting things that they can do.

And, unlike Huawei's notebook that I reviewed previously which comes with a full-fledged Microsoft Windows, this tablet comes with HarmonyOS 3, which is Huawei's take on Android (with no Google mobile services due to the US-China tariff war, of cause). This make it a little hard for people who is a YouTube junkie, like me, to adjust to the fact that you must use the browser to access all Google services (IE: Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Google Photos, Google Drive) including not being able to re-download all the apps that you have previously brought on any of your Android phones.

I'm fully aware that Huawei's AppGallery has something like 80% of the apps that is on Google app store, but I'm just too reliant on the YouTube app to quench my need for video content. Good thing that now you can use an app on Huawei's AppGallery called 'Gspace' to bypass all the above restrictions and let you download any Google apps and all the previous apps that you own as well.

This might sound weird, but the tablet only doubles the weight of my current gaming phone but with 3 times bigger screen size. The thin & light body with a brushed metal back plate gives the tablet a premium touch, but this will totally go to waste if you have a back cover on it though.

The tablet's strong point is that it supports Huawei's stylus, which they call M-Pencil, and has a non-existent delay while you scribble or draw your masterpieces. The stylus is so good that many professional art pieces (as shown below) were created with this tablet & stylus. Also, the difference between this Huawei and Samsung's styluses is not perceivable normally, unless you take slow-motion videos to compare them. Samsung's one is faster in the milliseconds.

In the hands of an art student, this can be a great tool to produce remarkable art pieces.

Multitasking is also properly baked into the OS. You can have 2 apps running simultaneously on each side of the screen, plus another 2 apps floating on top as well. You can even drag content from one to another, which is very handy. This makes online shoppers that needs to compare prices from various sources (IE: Lazada vs. Shopee) or stock & crypto traders who need to constantly monitor the market while making note and answering emails & chats.

Something that this tablet is way better than any of my notebooks: it's speakers. This table has an excessive selection of 6 speakers and produces very loud & bassy sound. Also, the screen has a remarkable 2560×1600 pixels resolution and has a 120Hz refresh rate for smooth interface experience as well.

I like that the keyboard portion of the bundled back cover can be detached and be used remotely. It also gives a nice clicky feel and doesn't wobble much while typing. On the other hand, the back cover comes off too easily. Too many times that it slipped off while I adjust the kickstand a bit too strongly. Also, the detachable physical keyboard language switching key combination (Ctrl+spacebar) is so finicky that I often have to use the onscreen keyboard instead for Thai language typing (English is perfectly fine though).

This is a WIFI only model, but I find that sharing from your phone is more than adequate & a norm for most notebooks & tablets anyway.

This HUAWEI MatePad Pro 11-inch is a top-of-the-line latest tablet from Huawei and is a great fit for artists and investors.


  • Screen: 120Hz 11-inch OLED (2560×1600 px)
  • Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 870
  • RAM: 12 GB
  • Weight: 449 g
  • Body: 16x25x0.6 cm
  • Battery: 8300 mAh
  • Memory: 256GB + expandable with Huawei's Nano Memory card
  • Camera: 13 MP (main) + 8 MP (wide), 16 MP (front)
  • OS: HarmonyOS 3
  • Connections: WIFI, Bluetooth 5.1, USB-C, keyboard case (sold separately), stylus (sold separately)
  • Other: Supports LDAC HD, fast charge 40W, charger included, 6 speakers, 4 microphones
  • Price: 24,990 baht (as of today, back cover keyboard & stylus are bundled in)

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