TMBThanachart Bank waives fees after app suffers glitch

TMBThanachart Bank waives fees after app suffers glitch

TMBThanachart Bank (ttb) has offered remedy measures to a number of its ttb touch mobile banking application users who suffered from a glitch on Sept 1-2.

The bank's chief executive, Piti Tantakasem, said in an open letter to the app's users yesterday that the bank has provided measures to compensate users impacted by the glitch last Thursday through Friday.

The app resumed normal operation on the evening of Sept 2.

Among the measures is a waiver of the debit card issuance fee until the end of this month for impacted users of the app who will apply for a new debit card.

The bank has also waived the fee for retail customers' money transfers at physical branches nationwide. The waiver runs through the end of September.

In addition, the bank will waive an interest charge incurred during the delayed monthly loan instalment payment caused by the app's glitch.

Mr Piti said he regretted the situation and apologised for any inconvenience caused by the glitch.

He said the bank upgraded the app to a new version in May to offer more new functions, features, products and services in order to provide more convenience and security to customers.

The number of app users has increased to more than 4.5 million at present.

The app handled a higher transaction volume during late August and early September, causing it to fail to regularly respond to customers' use, the bank says.

The incident prompted the bank to shut down the app during Sep 1-2 to clear the pending transactions. Given masssive pending transactions, the bank temporarily shut down the app to boost its capacity.

The bank, created by a merger between TMB and Thanachart Bank, expanded the total customer base to around 10 million after the integration was completed and aims to grow its business mainly from the digital platform.

According to the Bank of Thailand, the banking sector saw a crash of the mobile banking system 22 times in the second quarter this year, a sharp rise from eight times in the first quarter.

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