TCCtech vows to upgrade systems, IT capabilities

TCCtech vows to upgrade systems, IT capabilities

TCC Technology (TCCtech), an IT arm of the conglomerate TCC Group, has pledged to improve its service capabilities, particularly on enterprise resource planning (ERP), data analytics, application development, security and smart solutions.

"We will continue to emphasise triple S strategies -- smart solutions, synergies for digital open ecosystem, and sustainability -- to become a trusted technology solution partner," Teerapan Luengnaruemitchai, managing director of TCCtech, told the Bangkok Post.

Citing global research firm Gartner, he said businesses needed to adapt new technologies to accelerate efficiency, pursue optimal capacity and create opportunities.

Businesses first need a digital immune system in which they have resilient systems that can mitigate operational and security risks, he said.

Secondly, they need to have applied observability to make more accurate decisions from organisations' data.

The third requirement lies in what is called AI TRiSM (artificial intelligence trust, risk and security management), which can support AI model governance and trustworthiness.

Businesses may consider engaging with industry cloud platforms, and also pursue platform engineering to enhance the productivity of developers.

The sixth requirement concerns wireless-value realisation, as Gartner predicts 60% of enterprises will be using five or more wireless technologies by 2025.

The seventh requirement lies in the embracing of super-apps, while the eighth concerns adaptive AI, so as to continuously retrain models and learn, based on new data to quickly adapt to changes in the real world.

The ninth technology is the metaverse as more than 40% of large organisations worldwide are expected to use a combination of Web3, augmented reality cloud and digital twins in metaverse-based projects by 2027.

The final requirement is sustainability, which is vital to address demand for environmental, social, and corporate governance standards to meet sustainability goals.

According to Mr Teerapan, in order to address customers' needs, TCCtech will focus on five key areas: ERP, data analytics, application development, security, and smart solutions.

The company is also working closely with academic sectors to build capability to support infrastructure moving forward, he noted.

Pipit Jariyavattanavijit, deputy managing director of TCCtech, said the company aims to reshuffle the organisation, change ways of thinking, implement new ways of working, and maintain the hybrid workplace.

This will increase flexibility for teams and focus on leveraging partners in tech ecosystems, both at local and international levels with a focus on advanced skills covering data analytics, AI, solutions development, and advanced security technology.

Waleeporn Sayasit, general manager of TCCtech, said the company was focused on grooming people, inventing new projects and building a new knowledge base to enhance customers in various business sectors with advanced technologies, such as AI platforms, ERP automation, data analytics platforms, data operation, and robotic process automation.

"These projects have a tendency to open lots of great opportunities for skilful labour in the IT field," said Ms Waleeporn.

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