3G contracts set for amendment

3G contracts set for amendment

CAT-True agreements certain to be changed

A series of amendments to the third-generation (3G) network contracts between CAT Telecom and True Corporation is expected, but the tweaks are unlikely to affect users of True Move H in any way.

The changes are inevitable after a National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) subcommittee decided the contracts violate the Frequency Allocation Act.

The subcommittee investigating the deal approved the resolution on Wednesday.

After a two-month investigation, the panel called for seven amendments to the True-CAT contracts to bring them into compliance with Section 46 of the Act.

The Act obliges licence holders and spectrum owners including CAT to manage spectrum rights on their own.

They are prohibited from allowing other parties to do the job on their behalf.

Chairiksh Ditta-amnard, the subcommittee's chairman, said the panel has already submitted its findings to the NBTC's telecom committee.

Settapong Malisuwan, chairman of the telecom committee, earlier said it would take two weeks to consider the issue before submitting recommendations to the board for approval.

Normally, the telecom committee will not overturn a resolution from a subcommittee.

If the NBTC board rules CAT should amend some conditions of the contracts, then the state telecom enterprise _ as an NBTC licensee _ must promptly comply or face revocation of its licence, said Col Settapong.

The committee found seven points in the True-CAT contract in need of amendment.

First, CAT must use the 800-megahertz frequency on its own equipment and devices.

Second, CAT must have full management control over its network operations centre.

Third, mobile data usage and call detail records must be in CAT's possession.

Fourth, the contracts must indicate clearly that CAT has the authority to manage spectrum.

Fifth, the contracts must allow CAT to be the sole decision-maker on frequency planning, network rollouts and service operations.

Sixth, CAT must have the authority to negotiate with other operators over inbound roaming and interconnection charges.

Finally, the contracts must stipulate CAT is solely responsible for spectrum control.

The subcommittee was supposed to approve its findings on May 28, but a delay was caused by the subcommittee chairman's opposition to the findings, said a source.

All subcommittee members had unanimously approved the initial report, but the chairman reportedly suggested cutting out some wording that referred to BFKT, resulting in the delay.

Adhiruth Thothaveesansuk, managing director of the True Mobile Group, said the company is now willing to compromise.

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