Wissanu: Revised draft charter sent to King

Wissanu: Revised draft charter sent to King

The draft constitution has been re-submitted to His Majesty the King and its revised content will be revealed soon, according to Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha submitted the revised charter on Friday and according to the 2014 interim constitution, the King would consider it within 90 days, he said, adding the changed content would be disclosed soon.

The cabinet will be officially informed about it on Tuesday, he added.

Despite the slight delay, the roadmap to a general election remains intact, he said.

"All steps [in the roadmap] are unchanged. It's only that we can't fix the date of each step as everything is set within a framework," he explained.

The date the constitution is proclaimed will be the start. The laws on national reform and national strategy must be completed four months after that. Organic laws will be completed within six months from that date, he said.

The general election date can be set once the organic law on elections is proclaimed.

"Therefore, don't ask for the exact date because we don't know the exact starting date yet," he added.

After the draft constitution was endorsed in a referendum last August, it was submitted to King, who suggested some changes and sent it back in January this year.

The government insisted the suggested changes involved only the prerogative of the King, not the rights and liberties of people.

Mr Wissanu said in January the suggested changes involved Sections 5, 17 and 182 and other sections related to them.

According to the draft constitution, Section 5 involves the so-called crisis handling committee, which will act whenever no provision under this Constitution is applicable.

Section 17 involves the case where the King does not appoint the Regent. The Privy Council will choose one among themselves to be the regent when the King is away.

Section 182 involves the requirement of countersigning by a minister of all laws and royal commands.

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