Feral pig herd raiding villages in Ayutthaya

Feral pig herd raiding villages in Ayutthaya

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These feral "wild" pigs are part of a huge herd raiding fruit and vegetable fields in tambon Khlong Sa Bua of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya district, and the villagers want something done about them. (Photo by Sunthon Pongpao)

AYUTTHAYA -- People of tambon Khlong Sa Bua in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya district have called for help in controlling a large herd of feral pigs which are raiding their crops.

They said the estimated 300 pigs were roaming everywhere -- in temples and villages, in fields and on the roads. They were raiding raiding their vegetable and fruit crops, and were causing trouble all over the community. 

Motorists have complained of having to brake violently to avoid hitting the animals on roads, which would damage their vehicles. Residents say the pigs are a safety risk.

The problem started with two pairs of "wild" pigs given to Wat Khlong Sa Bua by devotees in 2011,  when the province was hit by a big flood. The pigs breed all year round and the sows give birth to litters of up to 10 each time. The pig population has burgeoned to around 300.

Somsak Charoenpaithoon, the district chief, said there have been several meetings on the subject and residents reached an agreement they do not want the pigs killed, but they do want something done to control their depredations.

They have proposed that all the pigs should be castrated, sterilised, or distributed to farmers in other areas for breeding.  A third option is for the authorities to move them somewhere else.

These options are being considered, Mr Somsak said.

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