Poisonous jellyfish alert in Trat

Poisonous jellyfish alert in Trat

Tourists are warned to swim only in marked areas during the season when poisonous jellyfish are abundant. (Bangkok Post photo)
Tourists are warned to swim only in marked areas during the season when poisonous jellyfish are abundant. (Bangkok Post photo)

TRAT: Tourists visiting Koh Kood and Koh Mak should be aware that it's jellyfish season and should swim only in protected areas to avoid being stung.

The advice follows an incident in which a couple from Samut Prakan were stung on their legs after touching jellyfish while swimming off Bang Bao beach on Koh Kood on Friday afternoon.

Vinegar was poured on the affected skin of the swimmers and they were taken to Trat hospital where they are making a good recovery, said Peerawat Wangratkul, chief of Koh Kood district.

“Currently, there are some box jellyfish being found on Bang Bao beach so hotel operators have been informed about the situation," he said. "A net has been put up to block the jellyfish and tourists are recommended to go into the water only in the marked area."

Mr Peerawat said more box jellyfish were being seen on Koh Mak, so nets and vinegar stations have been prepared to ensure that injured tourists will get immediate assistance to reduce the severity of any stings.

Jakkraphat Tavetikul, president of the Tourism Business Association in Trat said five vinegar stations were now available at Koh Mak, where the box jellyfish were most abundant. Netting also marks the beaches on the island.

He suggested that tourists should not panic if they touch the jellyfish but should look for first-aid treatment before going to the hospital.

The box jellyfish carries an extremely potent venom in its long tentacles. A sting can be fatal and is very painful. Two people -- one German and one Thai -- died in Surat Thani from jellyfish stings in 2015.

If a sting occurs, pouring vinegar on the area can deactivate the stinging cells, called nematocysts, but the victim's skin should not be rubbed.

Soda water can be used if vinegar is not available, but it is less effective.

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