Lecturer faces probe over 'nude artwork'

Lecturer faces probe over 'nude artwork'

Silpakorn panel looks into allegations

Silpakorn University, above, is known as the country's leading artistic fountain of higher education, but now a lecturer is accused of claiming 'nude art' for a photographic session. (Bangkok Post file photo)
Silpakorn University, above, is known as the country's leading artistic fountain of higher education, but now a lecturer is accused of claiming 'nude art' for a photographic session. (Bangkok Post file photo)

Silpakorn University has set up a panel to investigate one of its male lecturers who allegedly asked his female students to pose naked for a private drawing.

It says disciplinary and legal action will be taken if he is found guilty.

The scandal became public on July 15 after a user posted on the well-known Pantip webboard that his girlfriend, a student at Silpakorn University's Faculty of Decorative Arts, was lured into posing as a nude art model for a male lecturer.

According to his post, the lecturer asked her to be a model for his private drawing project in which he intended to draw female characters from Thai traditional literature.

However, he said when his girlfriend went to the lecturer's work studio, only the teacher was present, and he immediately locked the door.

"My girlfriend was asked to come alone, so she was quite scared. At first, the lecturer told her to take off her clothes, but allowed her to wear her bra and underwear. But after he took photos of her for a while, he suddenly told her to remove her undergarments. He even used a pair of scissors to cut her silicone bra," he wrote.

The boyfriend claimed the lecturer then asked his girlfriend to do an m-shaped leg spread and touched her shoulders and hip, but the student took fright and refused to do so.

"After my girlfriend refused to do what he asked, he told her to get dressed, but he took photos the entire time she was putting on her clothes," he wrote.

The boyfriend wrote that his girlfriend was not the first victim of this lecturer, and that he is notorious among the female students for asking those he thought were good-looking to be models for his drawings.

"Sometimes, he would call his victims to get the photos he took of them. Many girls are ashamed of these pictures, so they burned them and blocked the lecturer's phone number," he wrote.

Towards the end of the post, the boyfriend wrote he was angry about what happened to his girlfriend and wanted to warn other female students so they are aware of the truth and stay away from the lecturer.

He also asked for advice from readers.

After the scandal went viral on social media, Silpakorn University responded by saying its executives have acknowledged the accusation.

The university's rector Wanchai Sutananta said the university has appointed a panel to investigate the incident.

"If the lecturer is found guilty, he will be charged with both disciplinary and legal action," he assured.

However, the lecturer had not been suspended from his post while the probe is underway.

The university also advised the public to exercise discretion when sampling the media and stop sharing the story before the university itself has found enough evidence to back the claims.

Mr Wanchai said the probe may take some time as the panel needs to ensure fairness to all parties.

"As soon as the university has the final result, we will announce it to the public," the rector said.

Meanwhile, the Pantip website deleted the post by the alleged victim's boyfriend on its forum after Silpakorn University responded.

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