Mixed views for market in Ayutthaya

Mixed views for market in Ayutthaya

One of the venues Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha visited yesterday during his trip to Ayutthaya was Krungsri Market, a recently opened market built to relocate shops from the area in front of Wat Mongkolbophit.

The premier was there to preside over the opening ceremony of the market, which had a soft launch five months ago.

Sellers and locals welcomed the premier's visit, saying they appreciated the project despite there being some problems.

Paiboon Joodwisai, a vendor, said she was thankful the prime minister initiated the project and provided funds to get it started.

Nittaya Pakkai, another vendor, told the Bangkok Post that "missing names" are one of the issues at the market. She said some names were not included in the list of vendors allowed to set up shop there.

Before she was able to explain, Ms Nittaya was interrupted by another vendor telling her, "Don't speak. They prohibited us from saying anything about the market."

Ms Nittaya reluctantly changed the topic, saying instead that she wants the premier to take care of vendors and she wants more people to know about the market.

"We aren't able to sell that much. We have been selling in this market for months now," she said. Another vendor, however, was more optimistic and said although they aren't able to sell that much, this was normal since the market has been around just five months.

"It's normal though. This is what happens when something's new, there's not many tourists."

Other vendors hope the market will be promoted or reap a publicity boost following the premier's visit.

Jarassri Asawadechacharnyut, head of a village in Ayutthaya, said she and other villagers were happy about Gen Prayut visit, saying many were excited to see him for the first time.

"We woke up at 3am just to come and meet him," she said.

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