Muslim insurgent leader surrenders

Muslim insurgent leader surrenders

Abdulropha Solae (left) talks to security officers on Sunday after he has surrended to the 4th Army. (Photo by Abdulloh Benjakat)
Abdulropha Solae (left) talks to security officers on Sunday after he has surrended to the 4th Army. (Photo by Abdulloh Benjakat)

PATTANI: A core member of Muslim insurgents operating in the South has surrendered to the 4th Army under a government programme to bring insurgents disillusioned with the separatist movement back into the fold.

Pornchai Buason of the Public Relations Centre of the Region 4 Internal Security Operations Command at the Ingkhayuthaborihan Military Camp in Pattani's Nong Chik district, on Sunday identified the defector as Abdulropha Solae.

He said that Mr Abdulropha voluntarily surrendered to Lt Gen Piyawat Nakwanich, the 4th Army commander, and Gen Hanpol Phetmuang, commander of the 43rd Ranger Task Force Regiment, at the Ingkhayuthaborihan Military Camp of the 46th Military Circle on Saturday.

A number of warrants had been issued for the arrest of Mr Abdulropha under the Criminal Procedures Act.

Mr Pornchai said Mr Abdulropha had been a core leader of an operations unit in the Muslim insurgency movement, and had acted as a trainer for new recruits. 

Under stringent enforcement of the law, he continued, Mr Abdulropha had not been able to lead a normal life with his family during the past eight years. He had been on the run, hiding from the authorities and unable to be there for his wife and children.

Mr Pornchai said that confident in the government's programme to welcome home people disillusioned with the insurgency movement, the insurgent decided to surrender and return to a peaceful life in accordance with the law.  

Malida Solae, Mr Abdulropha's elder sister, said she and her family had confidence in the government programme and persuaded her brother to surrender.

After talking to Lt Gen Piyawat on Saturday, Ms Malida said she felt reassured that her brother would be treated justly, and hoped to see other insurgents join the programme.

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