Students struggle to get seats

Students struggle to get seats

Two more "clearing house" rounds will be opened to tackle the problem of many empty seats in universities.

The problem arose because of the direct university admissions system introduced by the Council of University Presidents of Thailand (CUPT).

The direct admissions in the third round of the Thai university Central Admission System (TCAS) saw many applicants not getting the placements for their faculties of choice.

This is because some applicants who won seats in several faculties have not made up their minds about which faculty they would choose.

The two additional rounds will set the deadline for applicants who won seats in many faculties to select only one placement. Once they have done that, the seats they dropped will be freed up and made available to someone else.

The clearing house system will re-calculate the scores of other applicants in preparation for moving them up the slots.

The CUPT will furnish a list of applicants who won many placements but confirmed their placement in only one faculty on June 5. This will enable the faculties to have a clear picture of how many many vacant and filled seats they will have.

The faculties will then move up the other applicants to occupy the empty seats and set the deadline for interviewing them.

The interviews will be conducted at the respective faculties between June 10 and 11. On June 12, the universities will be send the list of successful applicants to the CUPT for announcement the next day.

The CUPT warned that applicants who do not confirm their placements will be denied entry to university.

On May 16, the CUPT apologised to thousands of students trying to apply to universities in the third round of the new TCAS after its web portal went offline for several hours in the previous week because of a technical issue.

The web portal run by CUPT crashed on May 9, the opening day of the third round, causing many students to fume about the unstable system.

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