Tug-of-war girl a Facebook superstar

Tug-of-war girl a Facebook superstar

Premruedee "Nong Tang Mo" Poltree in action during the tug-of-war competition at Anuban Muang Nakhon Sawan School on Thursday. (Photo and clip from the Kritsana Thongkaew Facebook account)

NAKHON SAWAN: The spotlight may have shifted from the Tham Luang cave boys, but another Thai youngster has become a global Facebook celebrity.

Premruedee "Nong Tang Mo" Poltree, cheeks puffed out and eyes bulging as she takes part in a tug-of-war event at her school, has captured the world’s attention.

One of the two clips of the 7-year-old posted on the Facebook page of Kritsana Thongkaew has been seen by more than 7 million viewers, with almost 7,000 shares.

The clips show Nong Tang Mo and her Prathom 3 classmates pushing themselves to the limit during the sports day event at Anuban Muang Nakhon Sawan School on Thursday.

"Look at her face," one commentator said. "So cute," wrote another.

Nong Tang Mo competed for the green team against the red team in the tug-of-war final of the annual school event. Her team won the best-of-three contest 2-1 and grabbed the gold medal, after surrendering at the first try.

The girl said on Friday that she looked serious in the clip during the contest with a purpose. "I intended to show our rivals that my team was serious about winning,” she said.

Video from Kritsana Thongkaew Facebook account

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