Men re-enact the murder of rich couple

Men re-enact the murder of rich couple

Cops say mastermind was wife's brother

After police found and identified the bodies of Briton Alan Hogg and his wife Nod Suddaen, they arrested Nod's elder brother Warut Rattanasatchakit (inset) as the mastermind. (Screen caps via Channel 3)
After police found and identified the bodies of Briton Alan Hogg and his wife Nod Suddaen, they arrested Nod's elder brother Warut Rattanasatchakit (inset) as the mastermind. (Screen caps via Channel 3)

Phrae: Three suspects who allegedly killed a British millionaire and his Thai wife have re-enacted their wrongdoing, which the so-called mastermind, who is the woman's brother, claimed resulted from his severe conflict with her husband.

The 61-year-old wife, identified as Nod Suddaen, was bludgeoned to death with a wrench while her Scottish husband, 64-year-old Alan Hogg, was gunned down at their house in tambon Chor Hae in Muang district of this northern province.

Chor Hae police took the three to the victims' house for a crime re-enactment amid tight security as many residents in the couple's neighbourhood gathered and unleashed their anger.

The three suspects are Warut Rattanasatchakit, 63, the older brother of Nod, Pia Khamsai, 63, and Kittiphong Khamwan, 24.

Mr Warut reportedly admitted only to finding gunmen for the killing and concealing the corpses.

He blamed the quarrel and his sister who sided with her husband for the murder.

The trio on Wednesday led police to a duck pen where Hogg was shot dead and a garage where Nod was killed.

Their bodies were buried near the duck pen.

Police have already found the wrench but are still searching for a shotgun the suspects said was thrown into a creek located between Wang Chin and Long districts.

The officers also inspected Mr Warut's house where the murder plot had been planned. His house is adjacent to the couple's.

The suspects' confessions show robbery was not likely to have led to the murder, but investigators have not yet dismissed this as a possible motive, said Provincial Police Region 5 chief Phunsap Prasoetsak.

The victims were a rich couple who owned a vast tract of land.

Mr Warut was involved in their property because he had helped them acquire plots of land, according to an initial investigation.

If the suspect had not been arrested, the couple's daughter, who is the heir, would have probably asked Mr Warut to take care of the assets on her behalf, Pol Lt Gen Phunsap said.

The couple had lived together for many years and had bought more than 100 rai of land in tambon Chor Hae, which they farmed. They had built a large and well-appointed house.

Police are investigating a possible link between the murder and their assets, including the sale of a yacht. Mr Warut had allegedly asked for a share of the revenue but his request was rejected, Pol Lt Gen Punsap said.

The officers unearthed the bodies of the couple on Tuesday morning after the three men, who were arrested in Wang Chin district a day earlier, confessed to the murder.

The couple went missing in Phrae on Sept 20. Their friend informed police after the victims had not replied to messages or phone calls since Sept 18.

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