Murder suspect blames Russian roulette

Murder suspect blames Russian roulette

KHON KAEN: A man accused of killing his girlfriend in a fit of jealousy has denied the charges, claiming he was playing Russian roulette with her when the gun went off in his apartment, police said yesterday.

Police yesterday took the two suspects -- Thongchai "Tam" Klangmuang, 30, and Thampassorn Phuttharaksa, 26 -- to the Khon Kaen provincial court to seek approval for the first 12-day detention period. Suspects can be held for up to 84 days before a formal indictment is made.

deadly game: Thongchai 'Tam' Klangmuang

The pair were arrested on Friday for the murder of Patya Puangsook, 22, who was shot dead at Mr Thongchai's apartment early on April 22.

The victim's body was found in the Huai Phra stream in Muang district of Khon Kaen on the evening of April 24. There was a gunshot wound to the forehead and also many bruises on the body. She had been a resident of Ban Kud Kwang village in Nam Phong district of Khon Kaen.

Mr Thongchai was arrested in Trat and Ms Thampassorn was taken into custody at a resort in Surin province.

The arrests followed a police examination of security footage from an apartment in downtown Muang district of Khon Kaen. It showed a man and a woman carrying what was believed to be Patya's body to a motorcycle.

Pol Col Pakpoom Pisamai, chief of the Muang district station, said yesterday that police had completed interrogating the two suspects overnight.

Ms Thampassorn was later taken to the apartment for a crime re-enactment, and then to the Huai Phra stream where the body was dumped.

Police said the killing took place after Mr Thongchai argued with Patya, as he was upset she had been chatting and taking selfies with other men at a restaurant the couple had visited earlier that evening.

Police also pressed an additional charge of using illegal drugs against Ms Thampassorn.

During questioning, Mr Thongchai denied all charges and said he would give his statement in court only. Ms Thampassorn also denied all charges, except the drugs charge. Police opposed bail for the two suspects.

"Mr Thongchai kept insisting that he did not point a gun at Patya's head and shoot, but he was merely played a game of Russian roulette with her," said Pol Col Pakpoom. "He also refused to participate in a crime re-enactment."

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