City MP threatened with death

City MP threatened with death

A Bangkok MP of the ruling Palang Pracharath Party claimed he has received a death threat for exposing a condominium project in Phuket which sits on land that saw its ownership documents revoked by the court.

MP Sira Jenjaka said on Thursday that he received a message that two people had already died as a result of speaking out about the project.

Mr Sira had gone public with his allegation that the condo project, located in tambon Karon, occupies a piece of land whose Nor Sor 3 Kor land ownership paper was revoked by the Administrative Court.

He said he did not understand why the Phuket mayor allowed the project to continue. He also alleged the project is owned by a retired high-ranking policeman.

Most of the potential buyers of the condo units are foreign nationals. If government officials were found to be involved in the alleged malpractice, the state could be sued for damages worth billions of baht, according to the MP.

Mr Sirat said he planned to ask the provincial governor to suspend the mayor for his alleged negligence in connection with the condo project.

He will also press the Phuket governor to order a stop to the project and cancel the contractor's licence.

Mr Sira added that he will petition the Justice Ministry to have the project probed by the Department of Special Investigation.

The PPRP lawmaker said that some state officials had abused their authority as they were complicit in the approval of the Nor Sor 3 Kor document.

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