House's lack of quorum will dim faith in politics: Poll

House's lack of quorum will dim faith in politics: Poll

Empty seats are seen in Parliament on Dec 4. (Bangkok Post photo)
Empty seats are seen in Parliament on Dec 4. (Bangkok Post photo)

A majority of people say the lack of a quorum in the House of Representatives, if allowed to happen frequently, will cause people to feel frustrated and lose faith in politics, according to an opinion survey by the National Institute for Development Administration, or Nida Poll.

The poll was conducted Dec 9-12 on 1,260 people aged 18 and over of various levels of education and occupation throughout the country to compile their opinions over the House's lack of a quorum.

A slight majority -- 54.13% -- said that if this is allowed to happen frequently, people will lose faith in politics; 33.02% said both government and opposition MPs are playing too many political games; 23.49% said this is normal in politics; 19.92% said MPs who fail to attend a House meeting don't deserve their salaries; 7.86% said the government's chief whip isn't doing a good enough job; 5.95% said the problem is caused by the government holding only a slim majority; 4.76% put the blame on government MPs; and 3.10% blamed opposition MPs for playing politics.

Asked to suggest ways out of the problem, 45.08% picked dissolving the House and holding a new election; 23.25% said MPs who do not want to attend House meetings should resign; 20.08% said names of MPs who do not attend a House session should be made public; 14.76% said the problem isn't serious and is a normal political occurrence; 9.13% said the prime minister should be held responsible if government MPs cause a lack of quorum; 5.71% said the government's chief whip should be replaced; 4.05% said the opposition's chief whip should be replaced if MPs under his supervision cause the problem; 2.38% said the problem cannot be solved as it can happen any time; 1.90% suggested that the government side look for more so-called "cobra MPs" for support; 0.48% said there should be a clear regulation to take action against MPs who fail to attend a House session; and 0.08% were uncertain or had no comment.

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