Funds to cover virus treatment

Funds to cover virus treatment

The cost of Covid-19 treatment will be covered by the country's health security funds, the Department of Health Service Support (DHSS) said on Wednesday.

The department announced that Thailand's three healthcare schemes -- the Social Security Fund for workers in the private sector, the welfare fund for state officials and the "gold card" universal fund -- will wholly or partially cover the cost of Covid-19 treatment based on the fund subscribed to by the patient.

In case of emergencies, Thai nationals can seek Covid-19 treatment at any private or state-run hospital.

DHSS chief Tares Krassanairawiwong said people who have private health insurance should use it first, and if the insurance does not cover the entire cost of the treatment, the government will pay for the rest.

As for what happens to people who do not subscribe to any of these three funds and are not privately insured, the Public Health and Commerce ministries have jointly set up a panel to find a way out.

It has been proposed that treatment for uninsured persons should either be taken from any of the three funds or from the central budget.

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