All Korat hotels ordered to close

All Korat hotels ordered to close

NAKHON RATCHASIMA: All hotels in this province have been ordered to shut down to stem the spread of the coronavirus, effective from Monday until further notice.

The shutdown order, signed by governor Wichian Channothai, chairman of the provincial communicable diseases committee, applies to premises registered under the Hotel Act of 2004.

Guests who checked in before the order was issued can stay. When they have all checked out the hotels must close. Hotels cannot accept new guests.

The hotels are required to report to district health officials the number guests staying there, and their names and the dates they are expected to check out. Any guests suspected to be infected with the virus must be reported for quarantine.

The governor earlier issued several orders closing down places deemed at-risk, including entertainment venues, service outlets, department stores and many natural attractions.

A village in tambon Tha Ang of Chok Chai district was also ordered locked down.

The Nakhon Ratchasima Covid-19 response centre reported on Monday the total number of confirmed infections in the province stood at 16.

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