Mass prayers held to celebrate end of Ramadan

Mass prayers held to celebrate end of Ramadan

Chularatchamontri wishes safe stay for all on Hariraya

Muslims celebrate Hariraya at the Central Mosque in Muang district of Pattani province on Sunday. (Reuters photo)
Muslims celebrate Hariraya at the Central Mosque in Muang district of Pattani province on Sunday. (Reuters photo)

Muslims across the country attended mass prayers on Sunday to welcome Hariraya after the end of their fasting month.

People of all ages dressed up in new clothes and went to mosques or Islamic schools to pray together on the first day of Hariraya, the Muslim new year.

Muslims gather for a mass prayer at Daroonrommah School in Sungai Padi district of Narathiwat province on Sunday. (Photo by Waedao Harai)

They practised social distancing by keeping at least one metre apart during the prayers and followed safety procedures while entering religious places.

Health officials and volunteers stood outside all mosques to check people's temperatures, give them satinising hand gel and record their names and addresses so that they can be contacted if any novel coronavirus cases emerge amongst visitors. 

Hariraya is also known as Eid al-Fitr in most Islamic countries. It is a traditional celebration that begins with mass prayers and family activities, including the exchange of gifts, to mark the end of the one-month fasting period.

Muslims around the world also began marking a sombre Eid al-Fitr.

A volunteer checks the temperature of Muslims before they enter the Central Mosque in Pattani province. (Reuters photo)

Chularatchamontri Aziz Pitakkumphol sent a new year message to all Muslims, praising them for helping people of all religions and ethnicities suffering from Covid-19. He called on all people to help each other to try to overcome the pandemic and the economic crisis that will come afterwards.

"I wish Allah to give all Muslims and all Thais good health and wish all Thais and Thailand, as well as all countries in the world, protection from Covid-19," his Facebook message said.

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