US 'does not back protests'

US 'does not back protests'

The United States embassy yesterday denied allegations that it had provided support for any of the pro-democracy protests in Thailand.

The allegations stem from photographs of student leader Parit "Penguin" Chiwarak meeting former US ambassador Glyn Davies in 2016.

The embassy issued its statement after the photographs were published on a blogsite.

"Ambassadors and embassy personnel regularly meet with a broad cross section of Thai nationals, not just with students and youth, but also with government, military, business and other leaders. Such meetings do not imply endorsement of any views," the statement read.

It stressed that Washington was not providing funds, nor any other kind of support, for the protests in Thailand, adding:

"The United States does not support any individual or political party; we support the democratic process and the rule of law.

"As friends of Thailand, we encourage all sides to continue to act with respect and restraint and engage in constructive dialogue on how to move the country forward," it said.

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