Top court president wants detention cut

Top court president wants detention cut

Metinee Chalodhorn, the new president of the Supreme Court, has announced her policies to promote justice and equality, including the reduction of unnecessary detention in the kingdom's judicial system.

Metinee: Looking to make changes

The 46th Supreme Court President, who started work on Oct 1, on Thursdayannounced her five-point policy agenda to be carried out in Thai courts until the end of 2021.

The first policy is to emphasise equality, she said, adding that it must be clear to people that the court's work is fair and transparent. She noted that the progress of each court case must be traceable.

Access to judicial services must also be accessible in remote areas, while costs and time for each case must be reduced.

Court personnel must work proactively to make sure people understand their rights, and courts must be able to get all-round information openly so rulings are made with the understanding of the context of society.

Courts must ensure equality and elevate the dignity of defendants while protecting the rights of damaged parties.

"Courts must create a balance of rights while unnecessary detention must be reduced in every step [of the court procedure]," she said.

Court proceedings must also be developed for the modern age with regards to the legal process' impact on people's safety and socioeconomic conditions.

Also, courts of justice personnel must have opportunities to further their academic studies, not just those approved to do so on a case-by-case basis. Those who deserve it must be promoted, and they must receive reasonable and proper benefits in line with their knowledge and responsibility.

Personnel working inside and outside of the courts of justice must have the opportunities to join hands in developing the kingdom's judicial system and unite and promote the trust of the people, she said.

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