Four cases yield huge drugs haul

Four cases yield huge drugs haul

Millions of meth pills in one bust alone

Narcotics police display large hauls of drugs, including millions of speed, over 800kg of crystal meth and ketamine, seized in various raids. (Photo by Varuth Hirunyatheb)
Narcotics police display large hauls of drugs, including millions of speed, over 800kg of crystal meth and ketamine, seized in various raids. (Photo by Varuth Hirunyatheb)

Large hauls of illicit drugs, including millions of methamphetamine pills and more than 800kg of crystal meth, were seized in four separate cases, the Narcotics Suppression Bureau has revealed. Details on the seizures were announced at the bureau's headquarters in Bangkok on Thursday.

The first involved two men, identified as Anupan Piemfah, 19 and Monchai Pliennoi, 44, who were arrested at a petrol station in Sakon Nakhon's Muang district. Police were tipped off the suspects were delivering 704kg of cannabis collected from suppliers in the Northeast to customers in the Central Plains region and the South, assistant national police chief, Chinnapat Sarasin, said.

He said the cannabis was packed in 16 sacks found inside a Toyota sedan at the petrol station. The men were provisionally charged with possessing the drug.

In the second bust, police arrest four men -- Thanapat Tancharoen, 27, Komsan Pothisonothai, 28, Wuthipong Surarit, 41, and Niran Thongkallaya, 33 -- in connection with the seizure of 455kg of crystal meth and 50 ecstasy pills. Pol Lt Gen Chinnapat said the drugs were found in an apartment in Soi Pracha Songkroh 27 in Din Daeng district.

It's alleged the suspects, led by Mr Komsan, picked up the drugs from locations along the Mekong River in Tha Uthen and Sri Songkhram districts of Nakhon Phanom. The drugs were to be distributed to customers in the southern province of Pattani. Before being arrested, Mr Wuthipong tried to flee in a car and shot at police during the ensuing car chase. All suspects were charged with possessing illegal drugs with the intent to sell. Mr Wuthipong and Mr Komsan faced an additional charge of carrying firearms without permission.

In the third case, three men, Noohua Sae Mah, 33, Wathanyu Sae Song, 28, and Niboon Songsatwong, 22, all ethnic Hmong residents of Tak, were arrested for their roles in delivering 19 sacks containing 4.2 million meth pills.

Police picked up Mr Noohua near the Nong Daen public service offices in Kamphaeng Phet before the two other suspects were nabbed at a petrol station in tambon Nakhon Sawan Tok of Muang district in Nakhon Sawan.

In the fourth case, 370kg of crystal meth, 400,000 meth pills and 250kg of ketamine were seized at a sugar cane farm in tambon Bueng Samrong, in Nakhon Ratchasima's Kaeng Sanam Nang district. The drugs were brought from Nong Khai and left at the farm to be picked up by traffickers. No suspects were caught in this seizure.

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