Pupils urged to axe uniforms

Pupils urged to axe uniforms

The Bad Student activist group is urging pupils around the country to stop wearing school uniforms and wear their preferred clothes when the new term starts on Tuesday.

The group posted the suggestion on its Twitter account on Friday, saying:

"Finally, we can discard the obsolete uniforms and have the freedom to wear personal clothes. To all students, throw away those uniforms on Dec 1 and dress the way you prefer to go to school -- #saygoodbyetouniforms."

Another activist group, Pakee Students KKC, made the same plea on its Facebook page on Friday.

"We would like to invite all students to wear your preferred outfits to school," the group said.

"This is meant to question whether school uniforms are that important. Will teachers not allow us to attend class just because we don't wear uniforms?

"Why go to school if the principals and teachers are more interested in uniforms than schooling?

"If students cannot afford to buy uniforms, does this mean having no rights to attend class?

"Let's try and see if wearing outfits of our choice can reduce inequality. If there are ten students wearing their preferred clothes, they may be punished. But if all students at a school do so, just imagine the changes this will bring."

Commenting on the issue Amporn Pinasa, secretary-general of the Office of Basic Education Commission, said that students must realise that they may breach school regulations if they do not wear the correct uniforms at school.

Each school has rules for students to follow, she said, adding that in society everyone cannot get everything they want. Rules and regulations are necessary to ensure people can live together in harmony, Ms Amporn said.

"Wearing school uniforms will not have any direct impact on learning but it has its merits. Actually, wearing uniforms do help reduce inequality," she added.

"If students wear their preferred personal clothes, it will lead to some students wanting to get the same expensive clothes as their more affluent friends, even though their parents are not as well off."

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