Thais take better care of health in 2020: poll

Thais take better care of health in 2020: poll

Beset by various problems in 2020, Thai people have been taking better care of their health, according to an opinion survey conducted by the Suan Dusit Rajabhat University, or Suan Dusit Poll.

The poll was conducted online on Dec 12-17 on 1,135 people throughout the country to compile their opinions on health issues after the physical and mental onslaught by economic, social and political problems, as well as Covid-19 and PM 2.5 dust.

Asked how closely they have monitored their health this year, 68% said they have paid more attention to it; 28.90% said about the same as before; and 3.00% said they have taken less care of their health.

Asked how worried they are about their, 67.75% said have become more concerned; 28.02% said there had been no change; and 4.23% are less concerned.

Regarding the cost of their healthcare, 59.38% said their medical expenses have increased; 37.97% reported no change; and 2.65% said they have spent less on it.

Asked to mention their biggest health concerns this year, the top five replies were: protecting themselves from Covid-19 (89.48%); nutrition (68.52%); exercise (62.33%); food supplements (52.08%); and avoidance of PM 2.5 dust (47.83%).

Asked what they'd like to know more about concerning their health, with each respondent allowed to give more than one answer, their answers were: healthcare techniques (71.98%); prevention from Covid-19 (69.69%); prevention from various diseases (62.56%); quality sleep (53.39%); and how to maintain mental health (46.34%).

Pornphan Buathong, an analyst at Suan Dusit Poll, said the results indicate that Thai people have taken better care of their health, looking after themselves and not wanting become a burden for other people while their country has been plagued with economic, political and social problems, augmented by Covid-19 and PM 2.5 dust.

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