Warrants out for singer-protester Ammy, 2 others

Warrants out for singer-protester Ammy, 2 others

The Criminal Court has issued arrest warrants for an anti-government protester and two others on serious charges ranging from arson to royal defamation after the burning of a portrait of His Majesty the King.

Chai-amorn Kaewwiboonpan, better known as Ammy The Bottom Blues, and two others are facing arson, royal insult and computer crime charges, said Pol Maj Gen Pita Tavichai, deputy Bangkok police chief.

Police have gathered clear evidence to seek the warrants, including images from closed-circuit cameras and other items, he said.

They also got a warrant to search Mr Chai-amorn’s house in Prachachuen area in Bangkok.

Mr Chai-amorn is reported at Praram 9 Hospital. He posted on Facebook on Feb 17 that he had keratoconus, a disorder of the eye that results in progressive thinning of the cornea.

Police said they were going to the hospital and coordinating with police doctors for a transfer to the Police General Hospital.

In the early hours of Sunday, the portrait of the King in front of the Klongprem Central Prison in Bangkok was burned.  

The charges against them carry severe penalties — 5-20 years, life in prison or death for arson; 3-15 years for royal insult; and five years each for trespassing a state office and for computer crime. 

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