Two more Bruda whales seen off Koh Samui

Two more Bruda whales seen off Koh Samui

One of the four Bruda whales now in the sea off Koh Samui district of Surat Thani. (Photo: Ang Thong Marine National Park)
One of the four Bruda whales now in the sea off Koh Samui district of Surat Thani. (Photo: Ang Thong Marine National Park)

SURAT THANI: Two more Bruda whales have been spotted in the waters of Ang Thong Marine National Park in Koh Samui district, bringing the total in the area to four, provincial governor Wichwut Jinto said on Wednesday.

Mr Wichawut said Nathawat Nuisriram, chief of Ang Thong Marine National Park, reported that tourists had reported seeing four Bruda whales swimming around Hanuman, Thai Plao, Hin Dap, Wua Kantang and Sam Sao islands. The tourists took pictures of the whales.

Park officials sent to out to survey the waters confirmed seeing four whales, as reported by the  tourists.

Mr Wichawut said that in late February two Bruda whales had been sighted in the area - a mother, given the name "Wandee", and her calf, named "Wan Yud".

The sighting of the two additional whales was a sign of the richness of the sea around the Ang Thong archipelago. Tour operators, tourists and fishermen should avoid harming the  animals, he said.

Respected marine scientist Thon Thamrongnawasawat posted a message on his Facebook page expressing delight at the news two more Bruda whales had been seen.

He said the Bruda is a protected marine mammal. There were about 50 Bruda whales in the Gulf of Thailand, and a smaller number in Thai waters in the Andaman Sea. 

The Bruda grows to 13-14 metres long, he said.

"Bruda whales are usually found in the inner part of the Gulf of Thailand between September and January, when fish are abundant.

"Early this year, a group of Bruda whales was sighted in the area of Ang Thong archipelago for several days. The discovery of more Bruda whales in the area would certainly bring smiles to the faces of all people who love the sea of Thailand," he wrote.

Clip taken from the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Facebook page.

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