Leaked cyanide tank issue remains, group voices concern

Leaked cyanide tank issue remains, group voices concern

The Loei Provincial Industrial Office and state agencies have expedited steps towards solving the leaked cyanide tank issue in a gold mine, as villagers of Wang Saphung district stepped up complaints over the overflow of contaminated water.

Last Monday, there were reports that a tank containing cyanide had leaked and had been moved to an assembly plant.

At the plant, located around Phu Thap Fah gold mine in tambon Khao Luang, it was placed next to 11 other tanks.

The water level of the 11 other tanks seemed to be almost full and the condition of the tanks was seen to have been so risky that the tanks might collapse, spilling contaminated water to the surrounding environment.

After the issue was reported, the area was then inspected by many agencies in the province, including the provincial industrial office, the agricultural land reform office, the Legal Execution Department and the public health office.

As the matter had made little progress in the week, the Khon Ruk Ban Kerd Conservation Group, comprising six villages, contacted the provincial governor, before state agencies resumed inspections again on Tuesday.

The agencies and villagers agreed on guidelines for a solution to the leaking tank problem and for ways to pump out the water safely.

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