People working from home warned of online threats

People working from home warned of online threats

Crime Suppression Division police give details of a busted romance scam. (Police photo)
Crime Suppression Division police give details of a busted romance scam. (Police photo)

People working from home in compliance with government policy to stem the Covid-19 pandemic should be aware of six online threats, deputy police spokesman Pol Capt Siriwat Deepo said on Tuesday.

The six online threats are:

1. Cyber bullying. People working from home on the internet could be exposed to false information, persecution, accusations and defamatory comments which coud damage other people. Sharing of such messages could be deemed defamation under Section 328 of the Criminal Code.

2. Hacking. Their computers could be hacked and their personal data stolen for illegal financial transactions and other purposes. They could become victims of phishing and duped into disclosing personal data such as bank account numbers and one-time passwords. Computer users can protect themselves with usernames and passwords that are difficult to guess, and two-factor authentication.

3. Online fraud. Computer users can be fooled into buying things online or making an investment promising a high return in a short time. They should keep track of news about  cyber crime to avoid being cheated.

4. Romance scam. Many Thai women have become victims of online deception by foreigners who claim to be rich and wanting to marry Thai women. The women were fooled  into sendng them money.

5. Fake loan applications. With the rise in economic problems as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, people can be lured into seeking loans via apps on social media. They are told to transfer money to an account as an initial fee, and end up losing the money.

6. Fake news. Fake news has been posted online with the intention of creating division, hatred, confusion and panic. Computer users should be careful to check before sharing news. Check with the website or cofirm it with a reliable news service.

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