Tourists flock to Khao Yai despite curbs

Tourists flock to Khao Yai despite curbs

Nakhon Ratchasima: Tightened Covid-19 prevention measures have been received well by tourists at Pha Trom Jai cliff, Khao Yai national park chiefs say.

Adisak Phusitwongsanuyut, chief of the park, said visitors understood the need to be cautious and were cooperating with the new rules.

The park is restricting the number of vehicles allowed to enter Pha Trom Jai to a maximum of 30 cars, 50 motorcycles and 30 bicycles per round.

The measure was put in place after "Khao Yai Fever" trended on social media.

Accounts of an Asian black bear sniffing an omelette at a food stall at the site appeared in the the media and drew a greater number of visitors to the site. The park was worried that increased crowds would bring the risk of a rise in Covid infections so took steps to avert danger.

In a unrelated development, Thap Lan National Park officials are hunting down a tiger which wandered from the park and attacked at least three buffaloes over the past two weeks.

Park chief, Prawatsart Chanthep, said the search team is on its trail and will attempt to lure it back into the inner area.

He said the animal is believed to be staying close to where the attacks took place.

He also said the park will try to secure financial aid for the farmer who lost two buffaloes in the attack and saw another injured in the attacks which were two weeks apart and about three kilometres outside the park zone.

The first occurred on Aug 17 in Khorburi forest reserve when a buffalo was killed with wounds found to its hind legs and rear resembling damage done by a wild cat.

The second took place on Sept 1 in Khlong Nok Koro forest with the dead animal being found with similar wounds.

On the same day another buffalo was also reportedly injured by the tiger.

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