Cardiac arrest a factor in jab death

Cardiac arrest a factor in jab death

Cardiac arrest was determined to be the cause of death of the volunteer rescuer who died after receiving a third shot of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine in Ratchaburi, doctors said on Sunday.

The dead man's father, Prasert Boonkhian, told reporters yesterday the remains of his 40-year-old son, Prasong Boonkhian -- a volunteer with Pathon Borom Rachanusorn Foundation -- were sent to Ratchaburi Hospital for an autopsy.

Experts at the hospital found Prasong's death was caused by the complete blockage of a coronary artery, which led to a cardiac arrest.

The hospital's deputy director, Thanaboon Prasarnnam, said Prasong's death was the first reported death following a Covid-19 booster shot in the province.

The man's family has been urged to file for compensation from the National Health Security Office.

Anyone suffering from adverse reactions following their Covid-19 shot can apply to be compensated by the NHSO, if they claim within 30 days of receiving a vaccine.

Since May 19, when the government began accepting side-effect compensation claims, 3,888 people have submitted claims.

Under the rules, those who require regular medical treatment after receiving a Covid-19 vaccine are eligible to receive compensation of up to 100,000 baht, while those who become permanently disabled as a result can claim up to 240,000 baht.

In cases of death after a jab, the payout is limited to 400,000 baht, according to NHSO compensation regulation.

Dr Thanaboon insisted all patients are assessed prior to receiving a jab to determine their suitability for a particular shot.

AstraZeneca's jabs may produce side-effects which are more severe than other brands, but generally speaking the symptoms don't last over three days, he said.

Prasong received his Sinovac jabs on June 11 and July 5 respectively. He remained in good health, until the day he received his third jab on Friday afternoon, his family said.

He began coughing around midnight, and his body was found by his mother at 2am on Saturday.

His relatives said as Prasong was healthy and rarely fell ill, his death surprised his family, friends and colleagues.

Prasong's funeral rites began yesterday, and his cremation is scheduled for Thursday, a source close to the family said.

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