Officer suspended over child sex abuse claim refuses to talk

Officer suspended over child sex abuse claim refuses to talk

Trang: A policeman accused of sexually assaulting two girls over an extended period has been charged with four counts of rape and suspended from the force, said the provincial police chief yesterday.

Pol Maj Gen Santat Winson, commander of Trang police, said the 53-year-old officer, a deputy inspector, was arrested and charged on Wednesday, two days after a complaint was lodged.

The victims, aged 12 and 16, were cousins of his girlfriend and the offences allegedly began in December 2020, weeks after the girls' mother was arrested on drugs charges by officers including the suspect.

Pol Maj Gen Santat said the officer denied the charges and refused to talk during the interrogation, after which he was released on bail while the girls had given their statements and police were waiting for results of a physical examination.

Earlier, Pavena Hongsakula, president of Pavena Hongsakul Foundation for Children and Women, raised concerns about the girls' safety after their grandmother sought help from the foundation.

Ms Pavena said yesterday the policeman faced serious charges so she questioned their decision to grant him temporary release.

The grandmother said the accused asked the girls' cousin to take the 12-year-old to live with them after her mother was arrested. The girl was repeatedly raped and asked her cousin to take her back home.

Her granddaughter then told her about the assault and when her 16-year-old sister heard about the story she also broke her silence to claim that she too had been raped.

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