Supreme Court postpones ruling on rocker Sek Loso's appeal

Supreme Court postpones ruling on rocker Sek Loso's appeal

Rocker Seksan
Rocker Seksan "Sek Loso" Sookpimay plays guitar at his Bangkok home on April 16, 2020. (Photo: Sek Loso Facebook page)

Rocker Seksan Sookpimay remains out of prison after the Supreme Court on Wednesday postponed its ruling on his sentencing for drug abuse and resisting arrest in late December 2017.

Seksan, who is known by his stage name Sek Loso, arrived at the Min Buri Criminal Court in Bangkok on Wednesday morning to hear the Supreme Court’s ruling on the case filed against him by public prosecutors for threatening police with a gun, and drug abuse 

The rock star looked worried.

The Min Buri Criminal Court read out the Supreme Court’s decision that Seksan’s appeal had not yet been sent to all judges of the lower court.

Therefore, the Supreme Court ordered the lower court to consider whether to accept the appeal or not, before forwarding it to the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court said the case should be temporarily disposed of before procedures to consider the appeal were completed.

The rocker submitted four appeals, according to Thai media. The Min Buri Crimnal Court said the lower court and the Appeal Court rejected the first appeal while the second to  fourth appeals were within the authority of the Supreme Court, which would make a decision.

Emerging from the court room, the rock star said he had been anxious about hearing the Supreme Court’s ruling when he arrived. However, the court postponed the ruling. 

He thanked the court for giving him another opportunity.

Prosecutors arraigned Seksan, 47, on charges of resisting arrest, threatening police with a firearm and using drugs. The incident happened at his Bangkok home around 6pm on Dec 31, 2017.

The lower court sentenced him to one year and 18 months in prison on three counts  - unlicensed possession of a firearm, resisting arrest and threatening police with a gun,  and drug abuse. 

The court added the sentence to a prison term of one year and three months in another case, when Seksan physically assaulted a close aide of his then ex-wife, Wiphakorn "Karn'' Sookpimay.  The couple later remarried.

The defendant initially had a combined jail sentence of 2 years and 21 months. A submission that he was bipolar was rejected by the court.

The Appeal Court upheld the lower court's judgement, but reduced the sentence for Seksan's illegal arms possession from five months to three months. The other sentences stayed the same. His total jail term was then 42 months.

At present, he remains free on court bail.

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