Kratom bill now permits online sales

Kratom bill now permits online sales

House amends 11 sections to herb bill

The House yesterday made changes to a bill on kratom that includes allowing the herbal leaves to be sold online.

Dr Sanhapoj Suksrimuang, Nakhon Si Thammarat's MP from the Palang Pracharath Party (PPRP), joined the fifth committee meeting to amend 11 sections to draft the bill on kratom.

Due to a demand to promote kratom as a cash crop in local communities, the bill should allow the use of a wider range of kratom-processed products.

According to the meeting resolution, the committee agreed to rectify the definition of a kratom leaf in Section 4 while in Section 9, the resolution added points regarding health issues and kratom-processed product promotion.

In Section 24, senators have not approved kratom sales to underage people, pregnant women, lactating women and a list of people issued by the Public Health Minister.

In Section 25, kratom is prohibited from being sold in these locations: educational institutes, student dormitories, public parks, zoos and theme parks.

It also prohibits kratom sales from vending machines.

Section 28 forbids any dishonest or non-consensual practice to force kratom consumption.

Section 37 was modified to double the punishment for anyone who sells kratom leaves to people underage, and pregnant or lactating women.

The changes entitle the Justice Minister and Public Health Minister to grant kratom sale permits. Earlier, the Justice Minister was the only entity entitled to do so.

The bill is expected to see more changes, especially on sections still pending. Any progress will be announced later.

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