15k cybercrime complaints lodged since March

15k cybercrime complaints lodged since March

Almost 15,000 complaints regarding cybercrimes were filed with police from March 1 to April 20, resulting in the freezing of more than 56 million baht, said deputy police spokesman Kissana Phathanacharoen yesterday.

Of the complaint cases, 8,126 were instances of financial fraud, while another 5,859 were related to online shopping scams. The rest included fake news, online gambling and sexual harassment. Officers have taken action on 3,972 bank accounts worth about 806 million baht in total, and of which 56.6 million baht has been frozen, he said.

Pol Col Kissana said that the Police Cyber Taskforce has provided an online platform since March 1 for filing reports. The website is meant to make it easier for people to reach police officers, file a cybercrime complaint and initiate the investigation process.

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