Untethered pit bull mauls 2-year-old foreign toddler

Untethered pit bull mauls 2-year-old foreign toddler

A two-year-old foreign toddler was severely injured after an untethered pit bull savagely attacked him in Pattaya. The boy needed 200 stitches and is now in intensive care.

A 5-minute video clip that went viral on social media shows the dog mauling the young child in a village while out walking with his babysitter.

Two witnesses, Mr Somkiat, 67, and Mr Jet, 39, told reporters the incident took place on Monday at 4pm when the babysitter took two boys aged 4 and 2 out for a walk.

The dog's owner left her gate open when taking out the garbage as they were passing by her home. Her 70-kilogramme pit bull suddenly attacked the group. Only the babysitter and older brother managed to escape.

It took several minutes before the babysitter, the dog's owner and some bystanders were able to detach the dog from the two-year-old. The boy was rushed to hospital and Pattaya police were called to the scene.

The boy suffered a broken jaw, cheek wounds and head injuries, requiring 200 stitches overall. His condition is stable and he is recovering. His parents filed a report with Pattaya police.

The pit bull's owner is married to a foreign man who is currently working abroad. The house has now been shuttered with no residents staying there.

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