Media workers plant trees with Chadchart

Media workers plant trees with Chadchart

City governor Chadchart Sittipunt and hundreds of staff from more than 30 media outlets yesterday planted 1,000 trees in a Bangkok park -- part of his challenge for the public to grow 1 million trees during his tenure.

He said he appreciated the outlets' enthusiasm and support, adding the goal can be achieved during his four-year tenure with media help in raising awareness.

The 1-million-trees project was initially perceived as unrealistic, but a month in and many have changed their view on the project and become part of it, he said.

He added that more important than the number of trees is the sense of belonging the project creates.

Mr Chadchart was speaking at a gathering of upwards of 300 media workers who joined his tree-planting challenge at Chaloem Phrakiat Phrabat Somdet Phrachao Yu Hua Park in Bang Bon district.

The media outlets plan to grow and donate a total of 19,090 trees throughout the four years of his tenure, he said.

A dashboard displaying updates on the number of trees being grown under this project is now live on, he said.

"[I]f we don't [grow new trees] now," said the governor, "our children won't have such trees to provide them with shade and fresh air."

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