TST makes elderly-welfare vow

TST makes elderly-welfare vow

The Thai Sang Thai Party (TST) has vowed to push for better state welfare for the elderly, saying it plans to offer all elderly people a monthly allowance of 3,000 baht.

That rate is about three times higher than current monthly allowances offered to people aged 60 and older, which range from 600 baht to 1,000 baht.

The TST yesterday submitted to parliament a bill on pension payments for the elderly and began drumming up public support for its move.

Thailand must act to ensure a good quality of life for its aged population as the country will officially become a fully-fledged aged society this year and a "hyper aged" society in 2031, said Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan, the party chairwoman.

By 2031, 20% of the population will be elderly and most will be poor and in bad health, she said.

The pension programme will also help reduce the financial burden on children taking care of their elderly parents, and stimulate the economy through spending, she said.

The promised 3,000 baht monthly allowance is above the country's poverty threshold which is between 2,700 baht and 2,800 baht per month, said Pokin Polakul, the party's chief strategist.

Ahead of the next general election, the TST plans to choose its leader and party executives next month, saying it intends to field candidates in all constituencies.

Next week the party will unveil its core policy which Khunying Sudarat said would be a way to "unlock Thailand and allow it move forward".

The policy will deal with reform of the law, politics and the so-called bureaucratic state.

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