E-service tax brings in B6bn

E-service tax brings in B6bn

The Revenue Department has collected almost 6 billion baht of e-service tax from foreign operators during the first 10 months of fiscal 2022, surpassing the target by 951 million baht.

Rachada Dhnadirek, deputy government spokeswoman, said that tax revenue of 5.951 billion was collected from 138 registered operators with a total service value of 85 billion baht from October last year to this July.

The e-service tax law, which took effect in September, requires overseas businesses providing online services in Thailand to register for 7% VAT liability if their annual income exceeds 1.8 million baht.

Ms Rachada said the department has deployed a variety of techniques to boost tax collection capacity and efficiency, which has resulted in an additional 800 million baht.

Techniques such as web scraping and text-mining have enabled officials to gather more data on online vendors, make tax assessments and send them notification letters, she said.

Moreover, officials have collected extra tax revenue of 200 million baht using tips from the public about suspected tax dodgers, she added.

She said officials are preparing to set up a task force to ensure online vendors pay their taxes.

She said the rules over VAT registration for e-commerce will also be improved to reflect the nature of the business, and soon operators will be allowed to use condominiums as business establishments for VAT registration.

"The prime minister has prioritised improving tax collection to reflect a changing environment based on the principles of fairness and efficiency," she said.

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