Anti-graft chief slams maid case

Anti-graft chief slams maid case

The Anti-Corruption Organisation of Thailand (ACT) has issued a statement condemning the circumstances surrounding the case of an alleged maid-abusing police corporal.

Mana Nimitmongkol, secretary-general of the ACT, yesterday posted a statement on his Facebook page condemning the widespread corruption that investigations into the allegations have uncovered.

Mr Mana pointed to the fact that not only had Pol Cpl Kornsasi Buayaem herself joined the police on the strength of a connection within force but she had then used her own influence to secure a military role for her former employee.

It had also been found that Pol Cpl Kornsasi had enjoyed the benefits afforded those who work full time at the agency without there being any record of her actually performing any duties.

Mr Mana also criticised groups of influential people who have become notorious for abusing their positions of authority to ensure that their members, including politicians, senators, police, soldiers and lobbyists, are taken care of.

In addition, the recruitment process in the southern region is particularly affected by this kind of improper conduct and that is hampering the effort to bring about peace in the unruly region, he said.

"The more I delve the more I have found distortion that desperately needs the reform of the police, the military, state administration, laws and the justice system itself," said Mr Mana.

Meanwhile, army chief Gen Narongphan Jitkaewthae responded to the case of Pol Cpl Kornsasi, who was formerly attached to the Special Branch Bureau's 1st Division, saying all relevant authorities are currently investigating the case and gathering evidence.

Gen Narongphan also insisted that the process would be transparent so that justice could be seen to have been served in every part of the inspection until a resolution or verdict is reached on the affair.

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