PM admits to almost punching reporter

PM admits to almost punching reporter

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has expressed outrage over being persistently questioned about what the government has done since it came to power seven months ago.

“I was earlier asked by a reporter, what are the results of the government’s work? I almost punched the person who questioned me in the face,” Gen Prayut said. “The government has done a lot so far. Don’t they see it?”

He mentioned his displeasure at the question while giving a speech during a seminar on transparency in state construction projects at a Bangkok hotel yesterday.

The premier said the media, along with state officials, should listen to his televised address every Friday.

“I am trying to be patient but I am tired and I have a sore throat after speaking continuously. State officials must take notes to their ministers about what I talk about and reporters have to listen to me as well.

“I may need to hold a forum to question reporters like in an exam and then send the results to their editors. Should I?” Gen Prayut said.

In his weekly address last night, Gen Prayut raised the topic again. He said the government has so far tackled many issues under his leadership.

“But I am still being questioned about the results of the government’s work. Sometimes it is arduous for me to respond,” he said.

He said he has explained several times the issues the government deals with. Many are being tackled, but some are issues of the future. “They never seem to be satisfied with the updates or they don’t listen. Please listen to me,” Gen Prayut said.

The prime minister said his government is adjusting the way it communicates to help disseminate information about all its undertakings.

“Don’t just watch television or listen to the radio for soap operas or for music. Take in other content as well, because you are also involved,” he said.

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