Bangkok district puts hex on litterbugs

Bangkok district puts hex on litterbugs

Lat Krabang district staff erect banners with a message that puts a
Lat Krabang district staff erect banners with a message that puts a "curse" on people littering in the area. (Photo by Ladkrabang district BMA Facebook)

Lat Krabang’s district chief Sin Nititadakul has given people a new incentive not to add more litter to a garbage-strewn local street: Litterbugs will get cursed.

White banners erected in the area, featuring a woman's eyes with a message that puts a "hex" on trash-tossers, are the brainchild of Mr Sin, head of the Bangkok district who has tried to solve long-running garbage problems on Soi Rom Klao 23 near Debsirin Romklao School. All sorts of rubbish is repeatedly dumped there.

The message written on the banner reads, "May heaven put a curse on those who illegally dispose of garbage in this area. Ill fortune will befall garbage throwers and their families, while those who keep the area clean will be blessed with luck and prosperity throughout their lives."

Mr Sin on Thursday led a team of district officials to inspect garbage disposal in the area and erect banners to warn people not to throw trash about. 

Lat Krabang authorities received cooperation from Debsirin Romklao school executives, teachers and students who took part in collecting garbage.

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