Family defends bomb suspect

Family defends bomb suspect

The photo of Wanna Suansan was plastered on all media on Monday, but her family says she is in Turkey, and has no knowledge of the Erawan shrine bombing. (Royal Thai Police photo)
The photo of Wanna Suansan was plastered on all media on Monday, but her family says she is in Turkey, and has no knowledge of the Erawan shrine bombing. (Royal Thai Police photo)

The family of Wanna Suansan has defended her over allegations she was involved in the Ratchaprasong intersection and Sathon pier bombings over two weeks ago.

Eacha Suansan, Ms Wanna's elder brother, and Suda Suansan, her elder sister, on Tuesday told reporters at their house in Baan Huay Sap of tambon Khura of Phangnga's Khura Buri district that they believe the 27-year-old is innocent of the allegations against her.

"She is very prim and proper and grateful. She is a devout Muslim who prays four [sic] times a day. We, along with those in the area who know her well, are not convinced she is part of the gang [linked to the bombings].

"We want justice for our younger sister. Please don't jump to conclusions and wait for her to return to prove her innocence," Mr Eacha said.

Ms Wanna is reportedly in Turkey.

The family said Ms Wanna graduated from Ramkhamhaeng University's Faculty of Political Sciences. After graduation, she worked for international trade companies until she married a Turkish man and they have a seven-month-old baby boy.

Ms Wanna is one of seven suspects wanted on arrest warrants in connection with the bombings. Two suspects have been caught.

The Min Buri court on Monday approved a police request for arrest warrants for Ms Wanna, who rented a room at an apartment building in Bangkok's Min Buri district, and a man of unknown nationality who shared the room.

A combined police and military force searched the room on Saturday night and seized several items used to make bombs.

Police said the joint force raided the room after obtaining information from a foreign man they arrested on Saturday who had numerous bomb-making materials and forged Turkish passports at an apartment in nearby Nong Chok district.

Ms Suda said she has been helping officers with their inquiries.

"We are confident the NCPO will provide justice for our sister and family. We admit this is a stressful time for all of us," she said.

"Some neighbours are looking at our family in a strange way. We are waiting for her return to prove the facts," Ms Suda said.

Shortly after Thai authorities issued the arrest warrant for Ms Wanna on Monday, AFP interviewed a Thai woman in Turkey by phone believed to be Ms Wanna. She denied any knowledge of the attack, adding she was "shocked" to be linked with the crime and has been living in Turkey for the last three months with her husband.

"I was shocked and thought my friend was joking with me," she said.

"I have not been to that apartment for almost one year now.... I rented it and then my husband's friend stayed. I don't know how many people stayed there." 

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