RTP warned on car fines

RTP warned on car fines

Transport officials have urged police to stop indiscriminate legal action against owners of modified cars after motorists were mistakenly fined for minor and insignificant changes to their vehicles.

The Land Transport Department has sent a letter to the Royal Thai Police explaining the regulations on vehicle modification so that officers can take action against genuine lawbreakers, said Nunthaphong Choetchu, chief of the department’s transport office area five in Bangkok.

The problem is that “police don’t ask us which modifications are wrong”, Mr Nunthaphong said.

“This has subsequently caused a misunderstanding and drawn complaints from motorists in Bangkok and upcountry.”

Mr Nunthaphong said decorating a car or adding certain items is not illegal as long as it does not raise safety concerns or cause trouble to other vehicles.

For example, an owner who decorates a car with a colourful mock key or attaches bike racks at the rear or on the top of a vehicle is not violating the law.

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