SSO eases dental claims rule

SSO eases dental claims rule

Social security members will soon be able to claim for a refund for dental charges up to 600 baht for each visit but the yearly maximum coverage is still capped at 600 baht.

Currently, a member can claim for a refund of up to 300 baht per visit twice a year for the expenses.

Pol Maj Romayong Surakitbunharn, deputy secretary general of the Social Security Office (SSO), said on Tuesday the SSO's board had approved the proposal made by its medical service system management board.

Several SSO members had complained the dental service claims rule was too rigid. Many members visit dentists only once a year so they can claim only 300 baht a year in dental fees, she said.

After the rule was amended, the medical service board will issue an announcement and the new rule will come into effect in March, she said.

Set up in 1990, the SSO is the safety net for workers in the private sector. It had 11.59 million members as of December 2015, according to its website.

The SSO fund had total assets of 1.39 trillion baht as of December 2015, 30% of which were realised accumulated returns and the rest contributions by employees and employers, according to its data.

The fund compensates for sicknesses or injuries and offers benefits for maternity, invalidity, death, old age unemployment, as well as child allowances.

Employees and employers are required by law to each contribute 5% of employees' salaries to the fund, but not more than 750 baht a month each.

Government officials' medical benefits are covered by state budgets. 

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