Motorcyclists banned on all flyovers, underpasses

Motorcyclists banned on all flyovers, underpasses

A temporary 90-day order has been issued to prohibit motorcyclists from using all flyovers and underpasses across Bangkok. (Bangkok Post file photo)
A temporary 90-day order has been issued to prohibit motorcyclists from using all flyovers and underpasses across Bangkok. (Bangkok Post file photo)

Bangkok police have launched a fresh crackdown on bike riders who use flyovers and underpasses banned to them, and are making every one of the structures off-limits to motorcycles for 90 days, effective from Thursday.

Metropolitan Police Bureau deputy chief Pol Maj Gen Adul Narongsak, who oversees traffic affairs, said a temporary order had been issued under the Land Traffic Act to make a total of 39junction flyovers and six tunnels across the capital off-limits to motorcyclists.

The temporary ban will last for 90 days and covers other vehicles of low-speed such as tuktuks, saleng (tricycles) and vending carts and push carts. 

The new regulation is likely to be met with strong opposition by many bikers who have long opposed the ban on them using junction flyovers or underpasses.

They complain that they should be allowed to use the facilities equally as they pay road taxes like car owners. But car owners often counter their argument by saying motorcycles are slow and block their way, and cause accidents.  

Pol Maj Gen Adul said the ban had not applied to certain flyovers and underpasses, and that had encouraged motorcyclists to defy prohibitions applied to other facilities. This caused accidents involving cars and motorcycles on elevated bridges and underground tunnels and other traffic problems. 

He said there were no slow lanes set for the facilities and motorcyclists who violated the ban often crashed with cars being driven at a higher speed. 

The new order would allow traffic police to better regulate the undisciplined motorcyclists and reduce road crash deaths and injuries on the flyovers and underpasses, Pol Maj Gen Adul said. 

He said he had instructed all traffic police officers to take decisive action against unruly motorcyclists. Violators will face a fine of between 500 and 1,000 baht.   

Some of the flyovers banned to motorcycles are located at the intersections of Asok-Phetchaburi, Pratunam, Thai-Belgium, Ratchathewi, Din Daeng Triangle, Wong Sawang, Bang Phlat and Yommarat.

The six underpasses are located at Tha Phra, Bang Khen, Phatthanakan-Ramkhamhaeng Soi 24, Boromratchonnanee, Bang Phlat and Udomsri.

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