Princess Ubolratana 'sorry' for political uproar

Princess Ubolratana 'sorry' for political uproar

Princess Ubolratana issued her first comment on the controversy Tuesday night in an Instagram post.

A one-sentence post by the Princess, whose online name is "nichax" said she was sorry that her intention to help the country had gone sideways.

"I'm sorry that the sincere intention to work to help the country and our Thai people had caused problems that had seemed unlikely to occur in this day and age," read the post.

It was followed by the hashtag, in English, #howcomeitsthewayitis.

The post included a peaceful photo of a klong, apparently taken in the countryside.

Posted at 11.35 Tuesday night, Princess Ubolratana's comment quickly gained hundreds of likes and no immediate negative comments.

Comments typically included both the wai and heart emojis indicating respect and love.

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