Agriculture minister first on watch list: Nida Poll

Agriculture minister first on watch list: Nida Poll

(Graphic from Nida Poll)
(Graphic from Nida Poll)

The minister in charge of the Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry is first in the cabinet line-up to be closely monitored by the public, followed by holders of the education and commerce portfolios, according to an opinion survey by the National Institute of Development Administratin, or Nida Poll.

The poll was carried out on June 13-14 on 1,256 people aged 18 and over of various levels of education and occupations throughout the country to compile their opinions on who among holders of cabinet portfolios under Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha should be closely watched. The new cabinet line-up has yet to be officially announced.

In responding to this question, 41.16% of the respondents said the most attention should be given to the the agriculture minister, followed by 19.82% the minister in charge of education; 17.68% the commerce minister; 16.88% the defence minister; 14.17% the finance minister; 13.69% the interior minister; 11.70% the transport minister; 9.79% the public health minister; 6.61% the labour minister; 6.13% the justice minister; 3.34% the digital economy and society minister; the foreign affairs minister 2.79%; the social development and human security minister 2.79%; the industry minister 1.67%; the energy minister 1.43%; the tourism and sports minister 1.35%; the Prime Minister's Office minister 0.56%; the higher education, science, research and innovation minister 0.48%; the natural resources and environment minister 0.40%; and the culture minister 0.32%.

Asked what kinds of people they think should not be given a ministerial post, 52.39% cited persons with past records of dishonesty and lack of transparency; 39.89% mentioned those who lack knowledge and ability; 27.31% pointed to those with conficts of interest; 24.92% mentioned people said to be wielding "dark influences"; 16.72% mentioned people whose interest is only in their own provinces, not the whole country; 13.38% pointed to former cabinet ministers with no achievements; and 3.74% people with health problems.

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