Pheu Thai Party frets over 'seat snatching'

Pheu Thai Party frets over 'seat snatching'

Pheu Thai whip Sutin Klungsang
Pheu Thai whip Sutin Klungsang

Opposition members in parliament are worried that the government coalition may snatch vacant House committee seats during the session on Wednesday, according to Pheu Thai whip Sutin Klungsang.

He was referring to the scheduled House of Representatives session today, which will include discussions about the appointment of MPs to fill vacancies in several committees.

Some seats were left vacant after previous members died, while others were left by the now-dissolved Future Forward Party, Mr Suthin, said on Tuesday.

He insisted these vacant seats should be reserved for the opposition, especially seats in the House's committees on corruption suppression and state budget spending.

According to Mr Sutin, the government coalition aims to fill the seats with its MPs and minimise opposing voices.

The corruption suppression committee, in particular, is a crucial mechanism for the opposition to hold the government accountable, he said.

If the imbalance is too large, the opposition would not be able to ensure checks and balances, Mr Sutin added.

He noted that the opposition will speak with the House Speaker during today's meeting to voice these concerns.

The House is also expected to discuss the formation of a committee to study the pros and cons of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), Mr Sutin said.

It will then debate on the formation of an oversight committee on the spending of 1.9 trillion baht to ease the economic impact of Covid-19.

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