Charter motions hit by forgery claims

Charter motions hit by forgery claims

Chuan: Kicks off probe
Chuan: Kicks off probe

House Speaker Chuan Leekpai has ordered the Secretariat of the House of Representatives to look into allegations that some MPs falsified signatures of other MPs to support multiple motions on charter amendments.

Mr Chuan said on Monday that irregularities involving the signatures were found in three out of four motions on charter amendments, which were submitted to the House last week by the opposition camp.

An investigation is underway to see if any of the signatures were forged.

The four motions relate to amendments to a number of articles in the 2017 constitution, which outline the powers and duties of the junta-appointed Senate and the election system.

The first motion sought to amend sections 159 and 272, which empower senators to join the House to vote in a prime minister, while the second sought to amend sections 83, 85, 90, 92, and 105 to revise the election system.

The third motion sought to amend sections 270 and 271 to bring about national reforms, while the fourth was intended to abolish Section 279, effectively revoking the orders issued by the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO).

They are among the seven motions on charter amendments tabled to the House.

The House Speaker announced the probe in response to a petition filed by Palang Pracharath Party (PPRP) MP Paiboon Nititawan, who opposed the motions and asked Mr Chuan not to put them on the House's agenda, pending the examination of the signatures.

According to Mr Paiboon, it is unconstitutional for MPs to endorse more than one motion.

Mr Chuan disagreed, saying: "These four motions involve charter amendments but the contents are different, so the MPs can sign in support of these motions. It is not a case of double voting."

Somboon Uthaiwiankul, secretary to Mr Chuan, said that out of the seven charter drafts were submitted to the House, two were put on the agenda.

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