Ministry open to election meets on premises

Ministry open to election meets on premises

The Ministry of Defence on Saturday assured all political parties will have an equal electioneering opportunity on its premises for the Jan 30 by-election in Bangkok Constituency 9, covering Lak Si and Chatuchak districts.

In case any political party wants to enter the premises of any particular military unit, a formal request must be submitted to the military unit first, Col Wanchana Sawasdee, assistant spokesman of the ministry, said.

The military unit concerned will then notify the Election Commission (EC) to make an announcement intended for all parties that the unit will allow them an equal opportunity to make use of the premises for electioneering, he said.

And even if there is only one party that in the end intends to enter the premises for election campaigning, the military unit will allow it to do as requested after the election regulator finishes its job, he said.

He was responding to a recent claim by the Move Forward Party (MFP) that it had been denied entry to the premises of a military unit for the purposes of electioneering.

The military unit was probably in the process of requesting that the EC also invite all other parties to join the same electioneering event that will be organised on the premises to ensure political neutrality, he said.

It takes time before such requests to use military premises is approved as the military unit concerned also needs time to prepare the place for such events, he said.

Candidates in the by-election yesterday went about their usual electioneering activities, with some apparently trying to scale up their campaigning in the hope of winning as much support as possible from voters as the day of the vote draws near.

Krunphol Tiansuwan, who is representing the MFP next Sunday, attended an election rally at a sports ground in Chatuchak.

He was accompanied by several key MFP figures, including party leader Pita Limjaroenrat.

Palang Pracharath Party candidate Saralrasmi Jenjaka, meanwhile, was accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon, in his capacity as the party leader, when visiting voters in a canalside community.

Ms Saralrasmi, fielded by the ruling party to defend the Constituency 9 seat, formerly held by her husband, Sira, said she was confident she will win the race.

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